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The Federal Government of Malaysia has updated the migration limits for cadmium in food contact ceramics through Food (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2017.

This regulation shows the following amendments to the Food Regulations 1985:

  • Amending migration limits for cadmium to become less stringent in Table 1, in: 
    • Small hollowware [Change of lead (2.0 mg/L) and cadmium (0.5 mg/L)]
    • Large hollowware [Change of lead (1.0 mg/L) and cadmium (0.25 mg/L)]
  • Replacing MS ISO 6486–1 (Ceramic ware, Glass Ceramic ware and Glass Dinnerware in Contact with Food – Release of Lead and Cadmium, Part 1: Test Method) with MS 1817–1 (Ceramic Tableware – Specifications) in Table 2. This amendment is essentially editorial.

The regulation took effect on April 15, 2017.



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