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Implementation of Algeria’s Interministerial Order of July 11, 2016 (Arrêté interministériel du 6 Chaoual 1437) to adopt technical regulations for childcare articles began on May 27, 2017.

The regulation mandates the following:

  • Requirements for physical, mechanical, flammability and chemical properties
  • Requiring the words ‘Conforme aux exigences de sécurité’ (complies with safety requirements) to be affixed on the product or its packaging
  • Accompanying instruction manuals stating assembly instructions and, where applicable, the method, conditions and precautions for use in Arabic
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC) attesting that the product complies with the requirements in the technical regulations

The regulation defines a ‘childcare article’ as any product intended to ensure or facilitate sitting, general body care, sleeping, transportation, movement, physical protection and the feeding or sucking of children under the age of four.



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