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Publication Date Wednesday, February 22, 2017



UL Consumer and Retail Services (CRS) would like to thank everyone who visited us at Toy Fairs in Hong Kong, London, Nuremberg and New York. At the 2017 Toy Fairs, UL CRS proudly debuted two new services, the Toy Safety Enhanced Certification Mark and UL SmartInsights. While at Toy fair, we hope you enjoyed the UL presentation at the Product Launch Session in Hong Kong, the UL Café in London, and the UL sponsored Product Safety Seminar in New York.

In case you were not able to visit us at Toy Fair, here is some information about UL’s new service offerings.

The UL Toy Safety Enhanced Certification Mark is a revolutionary new offering provided by UL CRS. UL’s Toy Safety Certification Mark brings heightened credibility to the product’s safety and compliance, and can help manage supply chain risk through detailed factory quality systems audits, product inspections and testing at various points in the supply chain. This mark will allow retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to differentiate their product and demonstrate to their client base that they make safety and quality a priority, and will empower the trust of a UL Mark to consumers. UL’s toy safety certification program is based on conformity assessments to the US specification, ASTM F963-16 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, and is expected to expand to cover other global toy safety regulations. Stay tuned for the global launch of our mark in the next weeks!

UL SmartInsights is a library of regulatory information, organized in a user-friendly interface to help achieve global compliance. The system helps users to keep track of constantly changing requirements, search for regulations using custom metadata fields, compare key compliance requirements across regulations, and more. UL SmartInsights will give consumer product manufacturers confidence in their compliance program and the information to easily expand to new regions.

To learn more about the UL Toy Safety Enhanced Certification Mark, UL SmartInsights or UL’s Toy Fair booths, please click here.


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