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With increasing consumer expectation, buying a pair of reading glasses or sunglasses is not just to improve vision but must also offer comfort with designer style. UL provides testing services for reading spectacles, spectacle frames and sunglasses according to different country standards, such as ISO, EN, ANSI, AS, GB, GB/T and ASTM.

Help your eyewear products meet global regulations and protect your brand

Testing services for reading glasses and spectacle frame include:
• Dimensional tolerance
• Bridge deformation and lens retention
• Resistance to ignition
• Resistance to perspiration
• Optical power
• Endurance
• Transmittance
• Mechanical Strength
• Nickel Release
• Filter material and service quality

Testing services for sunglasses include:
• Filter material and surface quality
• Nickel release
• Transmittance
• Optical power
• Wide angle scattering
• Resistance to radiation
• Frame deformation and retention of filters
• Eye coverage and temporal protection

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