UL publishes three directory CDs: The Fire CD, White Book CD and the Flam Com/Heat Cool/Food Safety/Plumbing CD. If you are having issues installing any of these CDs, see the instructions below:

Vista 64 bit installation instructions

Windows 7 64 bit installation instructions

Technical support

  • System Requirements: Pentium-Class PC with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system: 256 MB RAM, 35 MB disc space (minimum) and a CD ROM drive.
  • If you have a virus protection program, you must disable the virus protection for the installation. Otherwise the CD drive may spin, however, it will not load.
  • In order for this CD to install properly, you must have full administrator rights or have someone who has full administrator rights to install this CD on your computer.

If you do not have full administrator rights, you will receive and error message at the end of the installations that states “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator” and will look like the graphic below. If you click “OK” and “Finish” the CD will finish installing, however, the Query templates will not appear in a toolbar across the top of the screen and the search field will appear across the bottom of the screen. You will need to manually insert the Query templates and toolbar across the top of the screen.

Query templates

If you click “OK” and “Finish” the screen will look like this:

Setup complete

A correct installation of a UL Directory CD looks like this (in this case the FlamCom/Heat Cool/ Food Safety/ Plumbing CD):


Network installation

(For Windows Server 2008 R2, click here)

Host installation

The Network Edition should be installed by a Network Administrator.  Insert the CD-ROM into a CD device attached to the server. If you do not have one, generate a directory on your network drive with read/write access and copy all of the files on the CD-ROM to that directory.

Either from the CD device attached to your server or the network directory where the contents of the CD-ROM were copied, select setup.exe to run the Host Installation. Several dialog boxes will appear. Read these boxes carefully and respond to the following, as appropriate:

  1. On the Choose Destination Location screen, choose the path where the
    Host files will be located;
  2. On the Setup Type screen, choose ‘Network Install’; and
  3. On the Select Components screen, choose ‘Copy Them to the
    Hard Drive’.

The databases and client software will be placed on your network drive. After the Host Installation has been completed, continue with the Client Installation described below. Remember that you will need to inform your end-users to access this network drive/directory to install the client software onto their local desktop computers.

Now the client software is ready to be installed by each end-user.  The databases will remain on the network drive/directory that you chose during installation. Please take note of the directory location for future versions.

Client installation

To install the client (Folio Views) software onto your local desktop for each end-user, run setup.exe from the network directory in which the Host version was just installed. Each end-user must have read/write access to this directory. Remember that while you have unlimited client installs, you will only have access to the number of concurrent users based on your subscription to this product.

When the Client Installation has been completed, a program group/item for this product will be created on each end-user’s desktop computer.

If the above information does not resolve your issue or you experience difficulties with the operation of any of the UL Directory CDs, call (847) 664-2160.