UL certifies roofing materials and roof assemblies for fire performance, hail resistance and/or resistance to wind uplift. Roof deck assemblies are investigated for performance under internal fire exposures and for uplift resistance. Roofing materials and systems are divided into the groupings described below.

Roof assemblies

Roof covering materials

This category covers roof-covering materials, which consist of two basic types: (1) roofing systems, and (2) prepared materials. Roof-covering materials are used in Class A, B and C roof assemblies. Learn more

Roof deck constructions

Roof deck constructions illustrated and described in this category are identified by a construction number and evaluated as to the spread of fire on the underside and/or resistance to uplift forces.  Information   Construction Numbers

Roof deck construction materials

Materials that are classified and designated for use in specific roof deck constructions. Learn more

Other roofing certifications

Manufacturers of certified products and related information.

Technical articles