UL is pleased to announce Enhanced Architectural Services (EAS) a new fee based service in which we review your project parameters and provide a report describing potential design solutions obtained from UL databases and possibly other resources. This is intended to address situations where the design solution cannot be easily located in UL resources, such as the online tool UL ProductSpec.


EAS can be used by architects, engineers and contractors to help them find a specific design or multiple designs that match the criteria provided to UL engineers. This will be useful to someone who is not familiar with passive fire resistant assemblies or does not have the time to do the research.

“I would like UL to locate a rated wall assembly for my project; I want brick veneer with wood studs and 5/8” gypsum board. It has to be 2-hour rated. I would also like a metal stud option.”


(Note: Although the illustrations do not include brick, the listing language does include brick.)

“I cannot find what I am looking for and do not have the time to research UL’s technical documents, I would like assistance.”

EAS can also be useful for projects with existing conditions. Describe the existing materials in detail and UL technical experts can research the materials used in the design assembly to determine if there is a UL Fire Resistive Design that closely matches the existing conditions.

“I have an existing floor-ceiling construction in a 1970’s era building and I am looking for an identical or similar UL Fire Resistive Design.”
“I am working on the renovation of a 1910 building in Chicago; what fire resistive rating can be achieved with a clay tile floor system?”


UL can provide engineering judgments of modified/adjusted UL Fire Rated Assemblies. Since not every combination of products and materials have been tested; architects, engineers and contractors have the option of enlisting the aid of UL and obtain a detailed analysis commonly called an engineering judgment. The engineering judgment results in a report which evaluates the impact of the proposed modifications to the published fire resistant design. It is recommended that you consult with the code authority to determine if they will accept an engineering judgment before initiating an investigation with UL.

“There is a minor modification to an assembly I would like to know if it is acceptable. I think I need an engineering judgment.”
“The gypsum board contractor installed type-x gypsum board on the ceiling. Can we install a layer of type-c gypsum board over the type-x without negating the hourly fire resistant value?”



Enhanced Architectural Services is meant to provide fast, thorough solutions for resolving questions that arise with fire-resistant rated assemblies in order for you to provide safe, code compliant designs that will be acceptable to the local code authority. To find out more about this service visit our Enhanced Architectural Services page, and chat with our technical experts today.

Go to www.UL.com/architects for more information.