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Building Performance

Leverage our expertise in the interactions between materials, products and systems used in construction and operations to understand the impact on a structure, its anticipated uses, the surrounding and interior environments and building occupants.

Safer Buildings

We support you in your drive to enhance public safety, meet regulatory demands and create smarter, safer and more sustainable buildings and cities. Our testing, inspection, and certification services for the built environment delivers solutions to architects, building managers and owners, code authorities, contractors and manufacturers. Our comprehensive service portfolio addresses all of your challenges in design, development, construction and operations.

We review plans, processes and specifications to confirm adherence to codes, standards, procedures and other applicable requirements. We help you manage quality control throughout the project. And we work with your throughout the building’s lifecycle to check on performance and durability as the structure and its components age.  Our offerings include building envelope testing, building forensic services, field testing and building system commissioning services.

We also offer technical engineering support services, factory capability assessments, quality assurance, regulatory compliance testing, and sustainability and environmental certifications.

Smarter cities

Building science supports the growth of smart cities, which aim to improve the quality of life for all residents, protect the environment and drive more sustainable economic growth. Using connected technologies, a smart city’s intelligent infrastructure collects and responds to data in order to proactively protect public health and safety. The systems that connect and create smart cities must be absolutely trustworthy. With our cybersecurity, environmental and sustainability offerings we can help you create smart cities that are safe, secure and sustainable.

Demonstrate compliance

Our expertise in regulatory, environmental and global market access issues enables us to determine exactly what regulations apply to your markets, which products need to be tested, and whether testing should be conducted on components or finished goods. We’ll help you develop a testing plan, and can provide guidance on regulatory details ranging from regional code compliance and required follow-up services to record keeping. We will customize testing and analysis for specific regional markets and market-specific standards, including sustainability schemes.

By offering a complete solution, we can help streamline complex processes such as demonstrating compliance with model installation codes such as the International Building Code (IBC), International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Fire Code (IFC), International Residential Code (IRC), and National Building Code of Canada. Combined with UL safety certification for building products, our code evaluation service can facilitate market acceptance in a fraction of the time normally required to demonstrate compliance with model installation codes.

We also assist code authorities, architects, designers, specifiers and contractors to determine code compliance for products that must be tested and/or certified in accordance with specific standards.  Our product safety certifications, the code evaluation service and the UL Mark are an invaluable resource to minimize compliance processing and construction delays.

A team effort

Our collaboration with building industry stakeholders, and our safety expertise, enables us to do our part in advancing building science for the benefit of everyone. We have dedicated, fully accredited building science test facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and a global presence. Our active participation with the industry - including our involvement in the ongoing development of codes and standards – along with the unmatched expertise of our technical engineering team allows us to comprehensively meet your needs, now and into the future.


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