Code authorities, building owners, insurance companies and risk managers need to verify that fire alarms are installed, monitored, serviced, and maintained in accordance with specific nationally recognized codes and standards. UL’s Alarm Certificate Services program helps code authorities maintain control over the level of compliance for fire alarm systems in their jurisdictions.

UL’s Fire Alarm Certificate Service Program is designed to:

  • Assist code authorities in verifying the ongoing code compliance of fire alarm systems
  • Reduce false alarms

How can I find out more about incorporating the Fire Alarm Program into my community?
For additional information on the UL Alarm Certificate Service Fire program and how it can benefit your community, please contact:

James Graff
P: 919-577- 6587 | C: 919-280-1164 | Email:

Tom Presnak
P: 847-664-2651| C: 847-779-1109 | Email: