To be UL Listed, an alarm company must first be evaluated by UL to determine whether or not it meets specific requirements regarding quality of equipment, wire quality, installation techniques, service, inspections, and monitoring services. The alarm companies that meet these standards of excellence are listed in UL’s Online Certifications Directory.
Only UL Listed alarm service companies are authorized to provide UL Certificated burglar alarm service. UL Certificated burglar alarm service adheres to UL 827, Standard for Central Station Alarm Services, and UL 681, Standard for Installation and Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems.
As part of the Certificate Services Program, alarm service companies are required to maintain compliance. To help ensure compliance maintenance, UL’s field personnel conduct random audits of representative alarm installations. If an alarm installation is found to be non-compliant at any time, the UL Certificate is cancelled and the alarm service company is responsible for all necessary corrections. A new Certificate is issued to reflect all necessary corrective actions.
Interested code authorities are notified of Certificate cancellations immediately via the ULCVS portal.