Innovation is the heart of business. But in today’s complex global market, it takes more than a good idea to succeed. UL Commercial & Industrial provides a wide array of safety, performance and compliance services that help clients rapidly develop safer, superior products and gain access to global markets. Our industry-leading technical expertise, spanning more than 100 years, covers hundreds of industries and thousands of products with demanding regulatory and performance requirements.
UL Commercial & Industrial is dedicated to partnering with manufacturers throughout the product life cycle. Our services start with design; move through prototyping to functional testing and certification; and culminate with factory inspection, audits and ongoing in-field management. This comprehensive approach supports everything from industrial and energy-related products to commercial and consumer products, from basic materials to advanced components, across all key world markets. We identify clients’ challenges and needs, helping to mitigate risk and manage costs. Our suite of services, worldwide network of laboratories and globally recognized portfolio of Standards and Marks offer trust and confidence to stakeholders who buy, sell and use UL listed products. Our clients partner with us to access a worldwide network of industry-leading engineers and gain the strategic go-to-market support they need. Commercial & Industrial is UL’s longest-standing business and continues to evolve to meet the growing demands of an increasingly sophisticated world.
Every day customers navigate and operate within a competitive global marketplace. UL Commercial & Industrial delivers leadership, knowledge and expertise to address clients’ ever-changing business needs. This includes managing product compliance across the supply chain; responding to the impacts of innovation; aiding the evolution of new manufacturing production technologies; and unifying the safety, performance and compliance demands of today’s informed consumers. We play a key role in the development of national and international standards, extending our commitment to help solve emerging compliance challenges and bring safer, superior products to market.


Ben Miller

Senior Vice President and President, Commercial & Industrial

Ben Miller joined UL in 2012 as President of Commercial & Industrial, UL’s largest and longest-standing business unit. Bringing an extensive background in international management, and experience in accelerating growth and innovation, Ben drives our commitment to help customers meet growing compliance demands in an increasingly sophisticated world.

Prior to joining UL, Ben held senior executive roles for a global leader in the power generation industry, and for a leading worldwide strategy consulting and private equity group. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Computer Science from Williams College, magna cum laude, and holds a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Engineering from Stanford University, where he was named Arjay Miller Scholar.