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Broader and deeper than ever, UL's third annual global study examines manufacturer and consumer concerns and priorities across a wide range of product-related considerations.

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UL is proud to share New Science, a powerful initiative showcasing important ways we are making our world safer through fundamental discovery, testing methodologies, software and standards across four areas.
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Thousands of products and their components are tested to our rigorous requirements every year.


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Product categories

UL evaluates wire and cable products under more than 70 different product categories, utilizing more than 30 Standards for Safety. This category listing should make discovering what specific requirements apply and how to determine those requirements easier.


Category codeCategory name 
DVVR2Aluminum Wire Stock-Conductor Material
AVLV2Appliance Wiring Material
AVLV8Appliance Wiring Material Certified For Canada - Component
AWEZArmored Cable
AZYCAutomotive Booster Cable
BDFXBoat Cable
ZIMXBus Drop Cable
DUNHCommunication Cable Assemblies
DUZXCommunications Cable
DUZX7Communications Cable Certified For Canada
DVCSCommunity Antenna Television Cable
DVPJComputer Interconnection Cable Assemblies
EKVICord Sets and Interconnection Cords Classified In Accordance With IEC Publications
ELBZCord Sets and Power Supply Cords
ELGN2Cord Sets Provided With Leakage Current Detection and Interruption
DVBIData Transmission Cable Classified In Accordance With National or International Specifications
EMRBData-Processing Cables
DGWY2Decorative Lighting Harness
ZIPFFestoon Cable
FHJRFire Resistive Cables
ZIPRFixture Wire
IKKTFlat Conductor Cable-Type FCC
ZJCZFlexible Cord
ZJFHFlexible Motor Supply Cable
ZJCZ7Flexible Cord Certified for Canada
ILPHFlexible Stage and Lighting Power Cable
ZJQXGas Tube Sign and Ignition Cable
ZNNAHeat Resistant Wire for Ovens
MSZRHoistway Cable
NYTTInstrumentation Tray Cable
OFFYIrrigation Cable
OFJZIrrigation Cable Assemblies
ZJVKIrrigation Machine Feeder Cable
OWKZLimited Combustible Cable
DUZXLocal Area Network (LAN) Cable
ZKHZMachine-Tool Wire
QQVXManufactured Wiring Systems
PDYQMarina and Boatyard Cable
PIVWMedium-Voltage Cable, Classified in Accordance with 1072, with Metric Conductor Sizes
PITYMedium-Voltage Cable
PJAZMetal-Clad Cable
PJHYMetal-Clad Cable Classified in Accordance with IEC Publications
PJPPMetal-Clad Cable for Hazardous Locations
PJPJMetal-Clad Cable, Classified to UL 1569, with Metric Conductor Sizes
PPKVMineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cable
KQVUMobile Home Pipe Heating Cables
PWIPNetwork Powered Broadband Communications Cable
HNHTNon-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable
PWVXNonmetallic-sheathed Cable
QACA2Nonshielded Cable
QAYKOptical Fiber Cable
QAYK7Optical Fiber Cable Certified for Canada
QAZDOptical Fiber Cable, Field Assembled
QAZIOptical Fiber Cable Verified in Accordance with National or International Specifications
QBEAOptical Fiber Branching Devices
QBENOptical Fiber Branching Devices Verified in Accordance with National or International Specifications
QBFAOptical Fiber Cable Assemblies and Connectors
QBFNOptical Fiber Cable Assemblies and Connectors Verified in Accordance with National or International Specifications
ZKKAPendant Cable
ZKLAPhotovoltaic Wire
QMTM2Plenum Cable Compounds
QMTT2Polymeric Materials for Use in Wire and Cable
QPMUPortable Power Cables
QPMU7Portable Power Cables Certified for Canada
QPORPower and Control Tray Cable
QPOR7Power and Control Tray Cable Certified for Canada
QPPLPower Cable Assemblies
HNIR7Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable Certified for Canada
QPTZPower Limited Circuit Cable
HNIRPower Limited Fire Alarm Cable
DGYS2Power Supply Cords for Use with Christmas Tree and December-Lighting Outfits
ZKLUProcessed Wire
ZKRURecreational Vehicle Cable
ZKRURecreational Vehicle Cable, Low Voltage
SBCVReels, Cord and Cable
KQYIResidential Pipe Heating Cables
ELEVSeasonal Use Cord Sets
TYLZService Entrance Cable
UBVZShipboard Cable
UBWWShore Power Cable Sets, Marine with National or International Specifications
VZYYStructured Cabling Programs
VZZLUL XTRTM Structured Cabling Program
VZZXProprietary Structured Cabling Programs
ZKSGTelephone Service Drop Wire
ZLGRThermoplastic-Insulated Wire
ZLGR7Thermoplastic-insulated Wire Certified for Canada
ZKSTThermoset-Insulated Wire
ZKST7Thermoset Insulated Wires Certified for Canada
XNTLTraffic Signal Cable
YDUXUnderground Feeder and Branch Circuit Cable
ZLIAUnderground Low Energy Circuit Cable
ZMAYWelding Cable
ZGZNWind Turbine Tray Cable
ZMHXWires, Special Purpose
ZMHX7Wire, Special Purpose, Certified for Canada
QQYZWiring Assemblies
ZPFW2Wiring Harnesses