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Smart Grid

Step on to the Smart Grid

As we confront major energy issues such as sustainability, renewable sources and greater efficiency, Smart Grid is emerging as one of the key technologies driving an energy revolution. Smart Grid empowers utility providers, businesses and consumers to manage energy more effectively, through greater control over how energy is delivered and consumed.

Smart Grid offers many benefits. For example, it boosts access to alternative and renewable energy sources, reduces peak demand on power infrastructure and collects precise usage and performance data. This isn't just the future: Smart Grid technology is already in place. Smart meters are in homes and offices, helping to reduce energy usage; and as electric vehicles become more prevalent, drivers will access an electric vehicle infrastructure to charge their cars at home or on the road.

With Smart Grid technology already in homes and more products on the way, we are at a key moment in its development. New technology creates new risk. But with the right guidance and standards, we can reduce potential safety hazards. Today, UL provides important Smart Grid services, including standards development, testing and certification, and education. We are working with regulators to create codes and standards that will help make Smart Grid technology safe and effective. We also work with manufacturers to help them get safer products to the market, and with consumer groups to build awareness and understanding about Smart Grid technologies.

But despite all its benefits, the development of the Smart Grid raises concerns. As new products enter homes, it is imperative they receive effective and meaningful third-party certification to allay concerns about safety and reliability. Each new device on the Smart Grid raises complex performance issues in areas such as interoperability, software reliability, wireless connectivity, cybersecurity and more. At UL, we have more than 115 years of experience certifying new products, and we're using our experience and expertise to guide the creation of safety and reliability requirements for this emerging technology.

As the Smart Grid takes shape, new technologies will emerge that give users greater access to alternative power sources, such as solar, wind and battery power as well as self-generated power, appliances, home area networks, electric vehicle charging systems and much more. And as leaders in the current Smart Grid standards, UL will remain at the forefront of helping manufacturers bring their new technologies to market.

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