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Die dritte weltweite Jahresstudie von UL – diesmal noch größer und besser – stellt anhand eines breiten Spektrums produktbezogener Aspekte die Verhaltensweisen und die Prioritätssetzung von Herstellern und Verbrauchern einander gegenüber.

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UL freut sich, New Science vorzustellen: eine einflussreiche Initiative, die aufzeigt, mit welchen wichtigen Maßnahmen wir für mehr Sicherheit in der Welt sorgen – durch fundamentale Entdeckungen, Testmethoden, Software und Normen in vier Anfangsbereichen.

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Tausende von Produkten und ihre Komponenten werden jedes Jahr nach unseren strengen Vorschriften geprüft.


Mit Hilfe der Dashboard-Tools von UL können Unternehmen die sich immer weiter entwickelnden Bedürfnisse des Marktes erfüllen – damit arbeiten sie intelligenter, effizienter und schneller als je zuvor.

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NEBS Testing Services

NEBS stands for "Network Equipment-Building System." It is a term commonly used to refer to a family of documents that apply to telecommunications equipment located in a central office. Two of the most common documents used for testing are GR-63-CORE, Network Equipment-Building System Requirements: Physical Protection, and GR-1089-CORE, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety -- Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment.

Reliability of the telephone system is considered a national security issue, is demanded by consumers and makes good business sense. Therefore, NEBS testing is taken very seriously by both the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and other service providers as well as manufacturers developing equipment used for the telecommunications network.

Integrated services

While you are having a product evaluated for NEBS compliance, why not have it tested completely? Our integrated test programs eliminate duplication of effort and save you time, money and samples. UL provides testing and compliance services covering the world including such areas as ETSI (ETSI 300-019, ETSI 300-386, etc.), CE Marking technical files, and the CB Scheme. Combine these with other programs like our quality registration, source verification inspection or field inspection services and you can create a package that will meet all of your needs throughout the entire product life cycle. Regardless of how many services you choose, UL provides complete project management expertise to ensure that the integration of services is transparent to you.

Project management

It would not be possible to smoothly integrate our NEBS compliance services with other services you need without good project management. This allows you to concentrate on other issues while being confident that UL is managing your project schedule with the same commitment you would. Our smooth integration of services allows for unforeseen changes in scheduling or product design to be handled easily since each service you require is handled by one company and a single project manager.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our expertise and world-class fire testing facilities made UL a natural to help develop the current large scale fire tests in GR-63-CORE. The first to provide these services, UL continues to provide fast, cost-effective testing as part of our fully integrated program. UL currently has world class EMC facilities providing convenient EMC testing services in the United States and Japan. Of these, some have 10 meter anechoic chambers and all have compact 3 meter anechoic chambers offering ambient free radiated emissions testing along with the most advanced test automation software available.

UL stands behind our testing and reports. At UL, our work is not done until you and your customers are satisfied with the completeness and clarity of our report. We provide total product support which means that we will help answer questions whenever they arise.

Please contact us for more information about NEBS Testing.

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