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讓 UL 引以為傲的是與世界分享New Science。透過在四大基礎領域內進行基本探索、測試方法、軟體以及標準,新科技帶來的創新成果向我們展示了讓世界變得更安全的重要方式。

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SQ Certification

By securing third-party verification and UL certification of your sustainability practices against a Standard that has been developed with the input of hundreds of experts over a period of years, you will be able to communicate your organization’s commitment to sustainability to your customers more effectively.

The UL/SQ program offers two levels of certification to help you achieve your sustainability objectives and measure your progress. Both certification paths require a third party audit and are applicable to a single or multiple business units.

SQ Focus Area Certification

Focus Area certification offers the option to concentrate sustainability efforts on particular domains of one of UL’s enterprise-level standards and build upon that to achieve full certification. There are four Focus Area certification options:

  • Environment only
  • Governance for Sustainability plus Work Force
  • Governance for Sustainability plus Customers and Suppliers
  • Governance for Sustainability plus Community Engagement and Human Rights 

To achieve Focus Area certification, you must meet all prerequisites and score points in all core indicators in the selected domains. For instance, in the first year, you may opt to focus on the Environment domain while adding the Governance for Sustainability and Work Force domain areas the next year. 

Applicants may achieve three Focus Area certifications before seeking Full certification.

SQ Full Certification

You may achieve full SQ certification by meeting all prerequisites and scoring points against all core indicators across all five domain areas. Companies that achieve Full certification receive the SQ mark for marketing and promotional purposes.

A typical path toward certification includes the following steps: 

  • Enrollment. A UL Environment representative will support you in developing a better understanding of all of UL Environment’s offerings, and will help you determine whether to seek Full or Focus Area certification.
  • Readiness Assessment: You have the option of completing a readiness assessment with UL Environment staff to determine whether your organization is ready to seek certification. The Readiness Assessment Report is a gap analysis comparing data provided by your organization against one of UL’s enterprise level Standards and associated guidance. The Readiness Assessment will cover the prerequisite and core indicators as well as any leadership indicators selected by your company. The Report will identify potential gaps in data and information provided that could lead to your company not being able to satisfy the requirements of a third party audit to a UL Standard.
  • Verification: You must first select an auditor to complete the verification process. Based on the scope of the engagement, a lead for the project in your organization will provide requested data and other evidence to the auditor for review, and will be expected to support the on-site assessment interviews as needed. Auditors will complete an Agreed-Upon Procedures report and submit that jointly to UL Environment and to company leadership for certification. For information about auditors, please contact UL at
  • Certification: UL Environment will review the Agreed-Upon Procedures report certify the results, delivering a certification report and certificate of conformance that authorizes the company to use the certification badge on its corporate level materials per the terms of use guidelines.