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Not all products are created equal, however it can seem that way in the market. When marketing and specification claims are verified by UL, products and services can be instantly and easily distinguished from competing offerings with self-declared benefits.

UL Verification provides independent confirmation of your marketing claims.


The UL Verified Mark program supports your brand’s quality and credibility and builds consumer trust. We offer a variety of validation services to assess and confirm key product features, sustainability efforts and service benefits, including:

Bio-based Content Validation

Validate the content of a product made from materials derived in whole or in part from biomass resources, a renewable resource. Examples of bio-based content include polylactic acid (PLA), crop and wood residues, and many others. This validation reinforces a brand or manufacturers commitment to sustainable production.

Marketing Claim Verification

Bring greater credibility to product claims and leverage the established objectivity and power of the UL brand. This is a specially designed mark for use on your products and in advertising, packaging and promotions.

Recycled Content

Assess and validate recycled content claims such as post-consumer, pre-consumer (post-industrial), closed loop or total recycled content for a variety of products and materials. Independent confirmation of recycled content drives consumer confidence.

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